Some news:

Using Kinect with a physical pressable barrier.

There has been a couple of links with using the kinect and a physical sheet to create effects. One is Firewall, another is Galaxy. Glen Zhang who coded Galaxy has kindly shared it with us so we tried it in school in May 2014- the set up was very long and it worked- but I'd say it takes too long.

Air Art Program
Been trying out a Kinect Art program from Barkely- it's really good- but runs through Processing- so get that installed first! Link here

Second meeting was held Thursday February 7th 2013 at Trinity Fields School where we will had Dr Wendy Keay-Bright from Somantics and Hector Minto doing a Tobii eyegaze clinic day with our students. We also formulated the evidence gathering protocol for the PLC. Read about the day here.

Information about using eyegaze technology for sensory and exploration activities with PMLD and SLD students can be found here on a sister wiki. iPad apps for SLD and PMLD also can be found here.

Po-Motion Setup - James has created a page that explains how to setup Po-motion to create an interactive wall or floor display. Software costs around £30 and you just need to buy an HD webcam around £30 (also works with Kinect). Link to the page is here.

February 2013: Finally went and bought an Xbox, with the Kinect Party program we have had some really good sessions with our more able pupils (it's a bit too busy visually for some of our SLD pupils). See how another SEN school, Jackson School in Australia is using it here. Sue at Little Angels has also used it with good results. It's got some great little interactive sketches in it and costs under a tenner from the Xbox online store.
Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 15.11.58.png
Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 15.11.58.png

January 2013: OpenNI have produced an article on the work of the PLC on their blog titled - Changing Lives with OpenNI Applications - Link Here
Andrew from Exeter House has added some initial evidence on the wiki, link here.
Met up with Dr Wendy Keay-Bright to talk about Somantics- video on Vimeo of me talking about school's use of it here:
Sue from Little Angels School has put up a guide to switching Kinect drivers here.
Keith and James have put up a lovely program for the Kinect using Processing called Night Sky- see it on the Processing Kinect Sketches page.
First meeting of the PLC was on Thursday 22nd November at Trinity Fields School.
James has put a little write up here of the day. Keith Manville has also put a write up of the day here.