Processing Sketches

These are the Processing sketches for Kinect that we've been adapting, creating or cannabalising from existing sources. They're not going to win any design awards but they are usuable interactive applications that can be trialled in schools.
Download the sketches and get playing!

Water Rippler

This sketch needs SimpleOpenNI and the Fullscreen library.
Makes the wall like a water surface. The image could do with prettying but it works fine!

ripples kinect.png


Adapted from a sketch by Kenny Miller, a long black slug follows the closest point. Requires SimpleOpenNI and the Fullscreen library.


Circle Hand Tracker

This is an adapted sketch from Greg Borenstein's book. It tracks the closest point to the kinect and makes a ball trail that fades away. Click the mouse to clear the page and start again. Now full screen (thanks James!) but you'll need the fullscreen library which can be found here:


circleclosest point.png

Fading Circles
Like the above, but the circle fades so little bit nicer effect. Adapted from Open Processing sketch 49075.

Hand Tracking Particles

This is a merger of a Shiffman particle sketch and the same closest point kinect tracking. Movement creates the particles to flow out and fall, now full screen with the same library as above installed.

Again this would be better full screen.

Random Line Drawer
This one adapted from the Borenstein book. It uses closest point tracking to draw a random coloured and thickness line. Press mouse to reset. Again, full screen so need the fullscreen library.


Bubble Particles Mover
This one is adapted from the GLGraphics library. Again closest point tracking moves thousands of balls around. You can change the number and size of the balls quite easily. You will need to put the GLGraphics library in your library folder I think, this is the link for that:

particle kinect.png
I can't get this one full screen, if anyone can that would be great!

Shape Sound Drawer Version 1.0

This sketch uses the Soundcipher Library by A.R Brown available here:

The sketch uses closest point tracking to enable the user to move the circle over the shapes. When they do they will draw random shapes and sounds will be played. Really simple cause and effect app. Hope to add skeleton tracking and body outline for version 2.

Shape Sounds.JPG

Night Sky Painter (with Sound).
Night Sky Painter (with Sound).png

Night Sky Painter, simple cause and effect sketch for students with autism spectrum. Reach up and paint the sky with rainbow colours, tickle the moon and wake him up to hear the moon laugh.
Hide your hand and the moon will go to sleep again.
Built in Processing 1.5.1 using SimpleOpenNI wrapper for Processing and the MS Kinect.
Audio playback of .mp3 file uses Minim library for audio in Processing.
FullScreen API - ALT+ENT enables full screen mode, CTRL+F exits fullscreen mode.

.rar archive contains Windows 32 bit and 64 bit applications with Data files and .pde source code file.

This sketch requires the FullScreen API, Minim and SimpleOpenNI Libraries for Processing.